Get To Know Your Spine And What Problems Anomalies Can Cause

Problems with the spine frequently cause pain in completely different body parts. We then approach to curing other diseases, which is understandably without an effect. That is why you need to pay special attention to the spine.

If you feel pain in the back, you should confirm what part of the spine has anomalies and therefore point to the problems with certain organs.

This info graphic will help you to know how organs are projected on your spine:


According to osteopathic doctors’ opinion, about 70% of the headaches reasons start from the spine.

Buzzing in the ears, difficulties swallowing, eyesight problems – can all be consequences of dysfunction of the invertebrate disks of the neck.

If your hands hurt and you feel numbness – check the cervical spine.

Problems with the chest part of the spine can lead to pain in the hearth area, the stomach and the intestines.

Problems with the lumbar part of the spine can affect not only backache in the down part of the spine, but can also be manifested as pain in the hips, buttocks, the sensitivity of the leg is disrupted as well as walking itself.

Therefore, curing and strengthening the spine will help you to get rid of problems in other organs.