These Bad Habits Affect Body Posture and Back and Neck Pain

Irregular body posture can lead to intense pain in the back, neck and shoulders. The following reasons can cause bad posture that you are not even aware of.

These Bad Habits Affect Body Posture and Back and Neck Pain
  • Keeping your head down to look at your cellphone

While reading text message on the phone, or while surfing the internet, we frequently bend the neck and had downwards. This position causes strong pressure to the neck. Remember that the phone should not be kept too low, but in line with the eyes.

  • Washing the dishes

This is another typical everyday chore that can harm our posture. Bending the back for an extended period of time can cause back pain, while we fill the dish washing machine. Instead, try to kneel down while you use the dish washer. If you have no significant knee problems or cannot kneel down because of serious health reasons, this can also be a great daily exercise for the legs and the buttocks.

  • Inadequate bra for big breasts

Bras should make it easier on your neck and shoulders. If you pick an inadequate model which does not offer good support for the breasts, especially the big ones, we can only add more pressure to these body parts. If the back part of the bra constantly moves up, it means that the bra is not the right size. Because of this, the breasts can cause pressure which can in turn result in irregular posture and pain.

  • Irregular holding of little children

Protect your back and bend the knees when you lift up the kids. This position of semi-squat can ease up the pressure on the back. Avoid carrying the kid on the shoulders, since this is also bad for the back.

  • You prefer flat shoes

Shoes that are completely flat are not healthy for your wrists, back and spine, except if those are orthopedic models that offer minimal necessary rise to the foot.

  • Gardening

Although gardening is by itself a relaxing activity, it actually does not have such a special benefit for our back. While gardening, we spend a lot of time in bent position. Try to change the position as often as possible or get up every few minutes and move around to decrease the pressure to the spine.

  • Overfilled backpacks

You should not overfill your classic bag and the same goes for backpacks. They are for sure a better choice than classic bags because the pressure on the spine while carrying is equally distributed, but if it is too heavy than we nullify this good effect.

When you put on the backpack, set it in a way so that it will be on the back as much as possible. The top of the backpack should be in line with the big bone that you have in your lower neck. The tighter you setup the handles – the better, because this way the backpack will be more towards the body and so you will have a feeling that it is lighter than it actually is.