The Hidden Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly more popular every day. Although no one can deny their appeal, there are some things everyone should know about this beauty procedure, especially people planning to get one themselves.

The Hidden Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

Doctors and other medical experts including ophthalmologists, have warned that the chemicals used for eyelash extensions can lead to various problems, including allergic reactions, infections and even falling out of natural eyelashes.

The Problem With Eye Lash Extensions

When done correctly and by experts, the popular beauty procedure has minimal risks. However, even then there is a risk of allergic reaction. This is thanks to formaldehyde, a chemical used as an adhesive by many beauty salons. Also, since the cornea is very sensitive on its own, any chemical exposure to that area carries certain risks.

But the real problem comes from unregulated salons and inexperienced technicians: almost all of these salons use formaldehyde as an adhesive, which carries aforementioned risks. On top of that, many people are simply allergic to this chemical.

Furthermore, when eyelash extensions are done by inexperienced technicians, the risks multiply: usually, these salons will offer extra long eyelashes, which besides being uncomfortable and a physical obstruction to wearing glasses, are hard to maintain and can accumulate a lot of bacteria, leading to serious eye infections. Inexperienced technicians can also cause physical damage to the eye with tweezers, which, besides irritation and infections, can lead to loss of sight.

There’s also the risk of losing your own, natural eyelashes: although eyelash extensions give the appearance of fuller and thicker eyelashes, they’re actually making your natural eyelashes thinner and sparser. It’s not a rare occurrence for women to almost completely lose their natural eyelashes once the fake ones are removed.

However, if you still wish to get eyelash extensions, know that all is not lost. When done by reputable salons and experienced technicians, they carry minimal risks. Just make sure you go to a licensed, respectable beauty place that uses high-quality products.