Ways Of Preventing Hair Loss Naturally

Several factors lead to excessive hair loss, especially in the winter time, when skin is dry, and the scalp is dry also. Aging is an unavoidable factor but this condition can be improved since our body has a great ability to rejuvenate itself.

Ways Of Preventing Hair Loss Naturally

Hair loss can be avoided or lessened by improving diet, balancing hormones, and increasing circulation.


Healthy diet mean well balanced vitamins and minerals intake. It should also include proteins, nuts, seeds, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, especially berries. Hair is made from proteins, so eating proteins should be helpful. Try including more cold-water fish, organic eggs, concentrated (non-denatured) whey, sprouted legumes, spirulina and other superfood in your diet. Also, increasing fatty omega-3 acids are helpful for scalp and skin.

Checking your iron levels in blood is recommended. Iron levels can be improved by including green leafy vegetables. Zinc is also important — good food-based zinc sources are:

  • cashews
  • oysters
  • spinach
  • beans
  • mushrooms
  • flax seeds.


Hormonal misbalance, such as underactive thyroid gland can cause hair loss. Foods rich in iodine can improve thyroid gland functioning better and stop excessive hair fallout. Include sea vegetables, such as kelp, nori and dulse, since they are loaded with iodine, which can help re-energize the thyroid. Have your hormones tested; to be sure everything is working properly.


Address Allergies And Sensitivities

Allergies are becoming increasingly common due to toxins and pollen’s. You may be suffering from allergies, and that may be the reason you are losing hair. By eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs and shellfish – or other allergy food you may improve your hair. It is also helpful to run some allergy test, to make sure you are not eating the wrong food.


Stress is number one health destroyer. Eliminating stress can make your whole health much better. Chronic stress causes inflammation that can damage hair follicles, disrupt hormone balance, impair circulation and deprive cells of enough oxygen and nutrients. A long walk, yoga practice or meditation can reduce stress.

Man expressing stress, worry or depression; isolated against a white background

Gender-Specific Multivitamins

Multivitamin supplements, which contain antioxidants, are essential nutritional support. There are two types of these supplements: Women’s Longevity Rhythms and Men’s Longevity Essentials Plus, and their antioxidants are excellent for scalp.


Saw palmetto or other herbal supplements are proven in increasing hair growth. There are some more herbs that are good for you and your hair:

  • Eclipta Alba – false daisy
  • Cuscuta reflexa
  • Tectona grandis seeds
  • Carthamus tinctorius L. and Phyllanthus emblica L. – Indian gooseberry


These herbs are efficient in curing various conditions but also in hair growth.

If you are suffering from the excessive hair fallout, there is no reason to accept it as a given fact of aging. Try out these advices and stop this annoying condition.