Improve Your Eyesight with Just a Pinch of Garlic

Modern times brought us technology, and that means sitting a lot in front of the computer, which can worsen your eyesight. When it comes to developing macular degeneration, these habits can both increase and decrease the chances.

Improve Your Eyesight with Just a Pinch of Garlic

You probably didn’t know, but a proper nutrition is very crucial for maintenance of the eyes’ healthy. There are even some foods that can improve and protect your eyesight.

Harvard Medical School had some studies with more than 800 patients and some of them were diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration, while others didn’t have that problem. Scientists linked that degeneration with a diet high in fat.

People who consumed French fries, pre-cooked foods, and other processed foods had higher chances to get macular degeneration. But, if you consume small amounts of food rich in linoleum acid and have more than two servings of fish per week, that risk will decrease.

Oily fish

Fat in fish is called docosagexanoic acid, and it will help in improving blood vessels that are in the retina. So it is important to eat food that contains this acid in order to lower the chances for the development of macular degeneration.

There is even a study from Tufts University in Boston in which more than 4000 people participated and it showed that people who ate pasta, bread, and white rice have higher chances to develop this disease.


Garlic doesn’t thin down the blood and it can act as a coagulant just by causing excessive blood flow. Of course, regular eye exams are best for early detection.

Nevertheless, garlic is great for cardiovascular health and it works as an antioxidant that can lower the triglycerides and cholesterol levels. There is also allicin, a substance that garlic contains, that affects the function of angiotensin II, which is a small protein that contracts the blood vessels. So, if you want to keep the good health of your eyes, you need to consume garlic.