Did You Know About Arsenic In Chicken Meat?

FDA Finally Said That Chicken Meat Is Consisted Of Cancer-Causing Arsenic

Did You Know About Arsenic In Chicken Meat?

The FDA finally decided it was time to reveal the contents of chicken meat that is sold at the United States markets. Namely, arsenic – which is an extremely toxic chemical broadly known as a cause of cancer creation and development, and can be a life threat if consumed in high doses. Note that the beginning of the story is that it is added in chicken with intention. In 2007, the IATP had a report – Playing Chicken: about 70% of chicken in the USA that are kept with an intention to be used as meat, are full of arsenic, due to the ability of arsenic to enable faster weight gain, with less food. Same happens with turkeys and hogs and the natural looking color of the meat.

The FDA discovered that around 50% of examined chicken contained inorganic arsenic with its most dangerous and toxic form found in their liver. According to these data, the FDA asked Pfizer to stop producing Roxarsone which is a drug that contains arsenic that is placed in the food of the chicken which makes them fattier and makes their meat to have the looks of a healthy pale pink color.

The Wall Street Journal was writing regarding this topic saying that the Agency pointed out shortly before, that a study conducted with a hundred broiler chickens had higher levels of arsenic in the chicken’s liver which was healed with 3-Nitro opposed to the mot treated chicken. Pfizer claimed that 3-Nitro sale will be definitely forbidden by mid-summer (early July) in order to give time to producers to find some alternative treatments.

However, even with this toxic matter removed from the shelves in the markets, the FDA continues to promote their campaign of denial, claiming and trying to convince the public that arsenic in chickens is in such a small amount which makes the meat perfectly healthy and safe.

What the industry does not want published and known, is that arsenic is insanely dangerous for human health. The Department of Environmental Health Sciences of University of South Carolina, issued a warning that has pointed out that arsenic along with mercury and lead, are famous for the cause of damaging effects, especially to fetuses in development and also to small children. Arsenic has been noted as closely 4 times more hazardous and poisoning than mercury, and the trivalent Arsenic is sixty times more toxic than the pentavalent Arsenic.

One research from the Journal of the American Medical Association found out that people that ate more rice which was tinged with arsenic, without having any other well-known arsenic exposure at the time, experienced quite important changes in cells which are in turn linked to cancer development.

Since then, lots of reports have proved and said that when ingested, arsenic has the power to cause invasive squamous carcinoma cell, squamous cell carcinoma in situ, internal organs cancer including the liver, kidney, lung and bladder cancers, although the last ones not as frequently.