Did You Know What Hijama Is? This Procedure Is Life Saving!

Cupping or hijama was rarely popular until about ten years ago. Now, cupping is practiced all the way from East to West and among people of all religions.

Did You Know What Hijama Is? This Procedure Is Life Saving!

This is a procedure during which blood is passed from certain body parts and it represents a procedure for elimination of a smaller or bigger amount of blood from the body, in therapeutic purposes. This method of working with the blood is one of the oldest therapeutic procedures.

It has recently become very popular in Europe and the world. After much research, it has been confirmed that cupping is efficient in all bronchial diseases, that it works on the condition of anxiety, aggressiveness, sadness and overall psychophysical condition, on prevention of cardiovascular diseases, it decreases triglycerides, cholesterol and it lowers the blood pressure.

What cupping was able to do 1.400 years ago, is not merely the same today because of the lifestyle, everyday stress, nervousness but also other factors that appeared along with modern times.

One expert claims that by the way of action, cupping belongs in regulatory medicinal methods, and by the way of execution it represents a small chirurgical intervention. Cupping is done by making a cut on the surfacing skin layer, with a sterile and one-use scalpel, then a vacuum suction in certain regions. The regions where the cupping is done are called “kahil” and is located between the shoulders, the spine and the neck.

These region’s under-skin tissues serve as a source from which to eliminate a mass that contains 80 to 90% of biological and chemical waste and only 10-20% of blood elements. It is a tradition older than 1000 years, one that implies that doctors, in their college degrees have an inscribed chain of teachers that exchanged medicinal knowledge. Ten years ago, doctors in Syria made a book about cupping.

In 2003, Syrians made an oval table under the protection of the ministry of health, where they gathered people who worked with religious science and doctors.  This symposium was solely about this method, which has become modern because it has to be done by using contemporary medical means. It has been classified as a regulatory method because it works on the basic regulatory body system, says one expert.

He emphasized that it is the best method of this type.

Searching how hijama works, he found a conclusion to what he misses in medicine. There is a system in the organism that maintains the balance of numerous factors. The system that does this is called the basic regulatory system, and it is actually our intercellular space. Therefore, we have cells and we have room between them that takes up about 28% of our mass. Time and external factors, toxins, chaotic lifestyle, stress, different traumas all influence this regulatory system, disrupting the balance. This can be reversed.

Regulatory methods help in restoring the balance. Hijama or cupping can stop the progression of diseases and this is precisely its role.

The cell takes up all the nutrients, and the intercellular space eliminates the waste. When we are under pressure, this waste is accumulating, proportionally to the anxiety or stress level. Chemical waste is something we consume from the outside. Food, water and air are today contaminated, someone takes pills, someone smokes, it is often sufficient to only breathe polluted air and drink chlorine water to have toxins accumulating. This mass is only present in those particular places and it is very specific.

Besides capillaries, nerve endings are also located in this area, as well as cells from the defense system, and they all work as one cybernetic whole.

Among the biggest causes of different diseases is the chronic stress that is now at this time, a new situation. Think about how much stressful situations have you had in only one day. There are some claims that after hijama the defense system activates and pre-scans our organism. Our body is unlike any contemporary machine. Human body is a perfection.

Ten years ago, hijama was practiced in rather primitive ways. However, today – this is not the case.

Nowadays, hijama is pretty popular. We know much more about it. It is done in many places in Europe. They say that in Great Britain, there are numerous centers in every city which is a consequence of British businessmen that a decade ago were asking for modernization of the procedure.

Hijama is efficient in almost all chronic diseases, it works on the condition of nervousness, aggression, bad mood, on the general psycho-physical condition, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, it lowers triglycerides, cholesterol, it decreases the blood pressure and much more.