This Is the Most Harmful White Poison, And No, It Is Not Sugar

Sodium glutamate E621 is one of the most harmful ingredients we consume almost every day, and most of the use aren’t even aware of it. It can be found in almost all manufactured foods and there is hardly any restaurant that doesn’t use it.

This Is the Most Harmful White Poison, And No, It Is Not Sugar

If you didn’t hear about the sodium glutamate E621, it is a white crystalline powder, very similar to sugar and salt, but it can be also found in a liquid form. This compound can be added to any food to enhance the flavor and it has a taste of a meat soup.

This compound is very dangerous because it can cause cravings, obesity and later – addiction. Sodium glutamate E621 acts same as drugs, causing addiction and changing things genes in deserved for the sense of taste.

You can find this compound in hot dogs, canned food, beer, chips, and when it comes to allowed daily dose, it is 1.5 grams for adults and less than half a gram for children.

There are over 200 thousand tons of this additive produced every year in the world. E621 is very dangerous and some of the common symptoms of overdose with this compound are a migraine, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, visual disturbances and much more.

Compound E621 was discovered in 1907 in Japan and it was used as a substance for improving the aroma of frozen and canned food. But, even though it improves the taste and aroma of food, this substance has a lot of side effects. It can affect the receptors on the tongue to make food much tastier than it really is, so people become addicted to processed food such as ready-made meals, sweets and chips.

So, before you buy your food please check for sodium glutamate E621, because it is highly dangerous and food manufacturers are using it because it doesn’t cost too much.

Use natural spices instead!