Little Thing That Can Save Child’s Life: Don’t Throw Away a Baby Tooth

When children lose their first tooth, most parents don’t know what to do with it so they either throw it away or put it under the kids’ pillow for the tooth fairy to find it. There is a better solution because a study from 2003 showed that baby teeth are full of steam cells (something like protocells) that can be grown into multiple kinds of cells.

Little Thing That Can Save Child’s Life: Don’t Throw Away a Baby Tooth

So, when your kid has some health problems, you can use stem cells as a replacement, because they will grow into the needed tissue. You can protect your child just by keeping his first tooth, because these stem cells can be kept for years and they can grow every kind of tissue, from brain cells to the skin cells.

How to Preserve Baby Tooth?

If this information intrigued you, then you should know that you cannot keep the tooth at your home because that tooth has to be kept fresh, due to the fact that stem cells degrade and lose their potency as the time passes. There is a specialized company that can provide you a service Store-A-Tooth and there you can keep your tooth properly. The company’s name is Provia Labs.

You just need to send freshly plucked teeth and the lab will extract the soft tissue inside. After that, they will put in a cryoprotective solution and that will allow teeth to be frozen for future use.

Dental pulp needs to contain enough blood supply in a minimum of 48 hours of being frozen (if there is a less time, cells will die). Teeth are frozen in a liquid nitrogen cryopreservation vault where stem cells can be used for years. So, if your child has any problem with health and you need stem cells, this process can be very helpful and in some cases, save a life.