This Is Why You Should Never Kiss Your Baby’s Lips!

Having a baby is the biggest blessing on the world, so if you are a parent, then you know that there is nothing more important than to keep your baby’s health.

This Is Why You Should Never Kiss Your Baby’s Lips!

There are some things you don’t want to do around your baby. Like letting your kid go on a playdate with a neighbor’s son that has a cold.

If your kid is sick, then you also should avoid letting him go to the kindergarten or on playdates. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should keep your kid in the bubble forever.

When it comes to kissing kids, parents can get pretty weird about it, and the official advice is not to kiss your baby on the lips. This is confirmed by an awful story by the mom called Claire Henderson. She kissed her newborn baby Brooke on the mouth and the girl spent 5 days in the hospital with herpes on her chin, cheeks, and lips.

Cold sores can be deadly when it comes to newborn babies under 3 months. Last year, Mackay baby Eloise Lampton died because of it just a few days after the birth.

So, if someone has a cold sore, don’t let them near your baby. Keep in mind that in first 6 weeks, baby’s immunity is low and for us, it is just a cold sore, but for them, it can mean death.

In conclusion, avoid kissing your child if you feel even a bit sick and avoid kissing on the lips at any time. It is better safe than sorry.