How To Naturally Cure Bronchitis in 5 Days!

In the past, even the conventional medicine had problems with treatment of bronchitis and chronic cough.

How To Naturally Cure Bronchitis in 5 Days!

However, now we provide you with a simple remedy, that you can prepare at home!
This natural remedy is made of the strongest and oldest ingredients that can help the throat and the lungs, quickly healing bronchitis and coughing.

Because of the magical properties of bananas, and of course honey, which are part of this remedy, you can use the remedy for children too and the good part is that it tastes well. This beverage can tackle anything from sore throat, to stomach problems.


  • Boiled water (about two cups)
  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • Two bananas with dots

Begin with peeling the bananas and puree them with a fork, but make sure it is not metal cutlery since the bananas tend to get dark when touching metal.

Put the pureed bananas in a pot and add the boiling water, leaving the mix steep for half an hour afterwards.

When it has been cooled off, add the honey. If you would like the mix to be transparent, strain the mix, but remember to add the honey at the end since its important and powerful properties cannot get lost during the boiling,


  • Consume half a cup of the beverage, four times per day.
  • The amount you prepared is enough for a day, so if you still need it – prepare a new one the next day.
  • Results come after 4-5 days, depending on your condition.

Nature is full with remedies for every condition, it is up to us to find them!