Important Information For Women: How To Keep The Nice And Fresh Smell “Down There”

The unpleasant smell of the vagina can be an indication of numerous health problems. It could be an infection, a bad diet, and if you are not satisfied with the smell “down there” this can take its toll on sexual life too. We provide advice how to always feel and smell nice and fresh.

Important Information For Women: How To Keep The Nice And Fresh Smell “Down There”

Pay regular visit to the gynecologist

The unpleasant smell may be because of an infection you are not aware of, and if this is the reason than a gynecologist would know to find out what the problem is and prescribe you a medicine. Even if you are happy with your intimate smell do not miss paying a visit to the doctor every six months.

Maintain the hygiene

The regular maintenance of the hygiene of the body’s intimate parts means to use a intimate care gel which is pH neutral. Everyday showering is a must.

Carefully pick your underwear

It is best to be made of cotton. This material is the best in terms of not irritating the skin. Silky, satin and the other sexy underwear should be only worn on special occasions.

Herbal teas

Wash your intimate parts with herbal teas from time to time. For example, use chamomile tea once a week.

The food you are consuming is reflecting on your smell

The food you consume affects the vagina’s smell. Pineapple is recommended for a fresh smell, but also other fruits. Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, fish, spicy food and shrimps. The combination of milk and almonds or milk and honey will give you a sweet smell.