Do You Have O Blood Type? Avoid These Things and You Will Have a Healthy Life

Blood group O is very special because it can save lives, since people with it can give blood to all other groups, but they can only receive O blood type.

Do You Have O Blood Type? Avoid These Things and You Will Have a Healthy Life

There are many different things with people who have this blood type, such as the fact that they are more prone to certain diseases. They are also very pro-active, high in energy and have the ability to stay focused and productive.

But, they also have some bad things too. People with blood type O have a higher risk to get diseases such ulcers, iodine deficiency and thyroid dysfunction. These diseases can be caused by the excessive body weight of even water retention.

People in Japan have the habit to ask potential employees, which blood type they are. People who have group O tend to be more organized, focused, practical, responsible, and dedicated. They are also better logicians than people with other blood types.

Bad Sides of This Blood Type

People with this blood type can become angry, impulsive and hyperactive when under stress. They are very vulnerable to bad metabolic processes due to poor diet, not enough exercise, stress and other bad habits. Those processes are insulin resistance or slowing the activity of the thyroid gland.

They have sensitive stomachs due to higher levels of stomach acid, so they are prone to ulcers. If you have this blood type, avoid alcohol and caffeine. They can be harmful because they raise levels of adrenaline, and that is already high with people who have blood type O. Also, you will need to exercise a lot.