New Study Reveals Amazing Results: Cure to 5 Different Types of Cancer Could Be in This Herb

Described as the “miracle tree”, Moringa oleifera has small rounded leaves, rich in protein, vitamin C, potassium and a whole bunch of other healthy nutrients. No wonder it could be used in a fight against cancer.

New Study Reveals Amazing Results: Cure to 5 Different Types of Cancer Could Be in This Herb

You can grow it by yourself, in a backyard and it can be used for a variety of conditions. Here are six reasons why moringa is excellent for your health.

1. It is Rich in Healthy Nutrients

There are a lot of nutrients and minerals in this plant and here is what one hundred grams of dry moringa leaf contains:

  • 9 times the protein of yogurt
  • 10 times the vitamin A of carrots
  • 15 times the potassium of bananas
  • 17 times the calcium of milk
  • 12 times the vitamin C of oranges
  • 25 times the iron of spinach

2. Antioxidants Galore

Moringa leaves are full of antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and chlorogenic acid. As noted in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention:

“The leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree have been reported to demonstrate antioxidant activity due to its high amount of polyphenols.

Moringa oleifera extracts of both mature and tender leaves exhibit strong antioxidant activity against free radicals, prevent oxidative damage to major biomolecules, and give significant protection against oxidative damage.”

3. Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

This plant has excellent anti-diabetic effects, and one study showed that women who took seven grams of moringa leaf per day for about three months have reduced their blood sugar levels for 133.5 percent.

4. Reduce Inflammation

Since it is full of flavonoids, phenolic acid, and isothiocyanates, moringa leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Reduce High Cholesterol

Moringa has excellent cholesterol-lowering properties, and there are many studies to prove that.

6. Protect Against Arsenic Toxicity

There are some studies that say how moringa can protect from arsenic toxicity, and that is a great news since some foods can be contaminated, such as rice or ground water.

Other Benefits of Moringa

Moringa is high in fiber and it can clean your intestines. It has anti-bacterial properties and it will help your body to get rid of H. pylori, bacteria that can cause ulcers, gastric cancer, and gastritis.

How to Use Moringa

You can use fresh leaves in your meals, they will taste something like a radish. Put them in salads, smoothies or other foods. You can also use moringa powder in soups, smoothies, and other dishes. There is also organic, cold-pressed moringa oil, but keep in mind it is very expensive.