Pass the Salt – How To Use The Benefits From Himalayan Salt!

Himalayan Crystal Salt is different from any other salts, having specific flavor and unique in the benefits it offers. The number of natural minerals and elements that we have in our organism is 84, and this is exactly how many of them this salt contains. Fortunately for us, they are tiny enough to be absorbed by our cells.  

Pass the Salt – How To Use The Benefits From Himalayan Salt!

A few doctors like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Group claim that the benefits of use of Himalayan salt can be many, including:

  • Reduction of aging symptoms
  • Helping vascular health
  • Control of water levels in the organism, necessary for proper functioning
  • Circulation support
  • Bone strength increase
  • Promotion of healthy sleep patterns in natural way
  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Promotion of sinus health and decrease of sinus problems
  • Promotion and maintenance of pH balance in the body, including the brain
  • Promotion of energy creation in the cells
  • Promotion of the intestinal tract health
  • Cramps reduction
  • Support for a healthy libido
  • Support of healthy respiratory function
  • Promotion of gall bladder and kidney health unlike chemically treated salt

In one study from 2001, people that consumed water mixed with Himalayan salt noticed positive changes in many functions like respiration, circulation, connective tissue, organ and nervous system performance. Increased of brain activity happened as well, including concentration levels, sleep quality, weight loss and hair and nail growth.

Sodium in your organism can reduce the stress response, decreasing anxiety and help the body get a better quality sleep.

Oxytocin is another anti-stress reaction, making the body feel calm and relaxed and improving the quality of sleep.

Here is a list of 16 Himalayan Products and their Uses

This list shows the variety and diversity of products and use of Himalayan salt. It will provide you with options on how to include this type of salt in your diet.

  1. Ground Himalayan Salt

This is a very good addition for food that you want to spice up!

  1. Salt Inhaler

This method will help in reduction of lungs inflammations and conditions like asthma, colds, hay fever, allergies and sinus congestion.

  1. Bath Salts

Himalayan salty bath can help your body absorb all of the minerals the salt has in the cells.

  1. Salt Lamps

You can use them for ambience creation, removal of odors and dust elimination and airborne bacteria. It emits negative ions in the air which will refresh the air.

  1. Salt Blocks

You can use this to serve and display food. These blocks can be chilled and this will help to hold low temperature for an extended period of time for display of cheese, meat and fruit.

  1. Salt Bowls

They have similar effects like the salt lamps.

  1. Salt Scrubs

They will help exfoliate the skin. When showering, just wet your skin and take a bit of salt scrub in your hand, gently massaging on your skin. Rinse the skin afterwards and pat dry it.

  1. Massage Roller

This can be used for stress relief and energizing the acupressure points if used down the spine.

  1. Sole Chunks

Large chunks are used for making a sole. A sole is salt saturated water that you can prepare at home. Just add a teaspoon of the sole in a glass of water!

  1. Antiperspirant Stone

The antibacterial properties of salt can prevent formation of odor and bacteria. Just wet the deodorant stone and wipe the underarm area. Rinse the stone and dry it and store it in a container afterwards.

  1. Foot Tiles

These are used in spas and they relax the feet. Can be used warm or cold. The package has instructions on how to heat the up. Put a towel on the ground and place the stones on it, resting your feet on them.

  1. Salt Crystal Bar

Their use is for exfoliation on the skin, while simultaneously adding minerals to the body. If the bar is too rough, wrap it in washcloth.

  1. Salt Bowl

Can be used for serving ice cream, because of the salt flavor. If warmed up, can be used for stew or chili.

  1. Pestle and Mortar

Excellent for grinding spices while adding salty flavor.

  1. Shot Glass

Can be used for any drinks, and the taste of salt is of course a marvelous addition.

  1. Salt Tumbler

Excellent option of getting your minerals just by adding water in the glass.

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