This Is Why Some People Are Like Magnet For Mosquitos !

When you seat with your friends at an afternoon grill and out of everybody around, you are the only one that has mosquito bites. While everyone is enjoying with a glass of beer and chatting, you count the bites and ask why are you the only magnet for mosquitos. We provide the answer below.

This Is Why Some People Are Like Magnet For Mosquitos !


Blood type

People with 0 blood type are more attractive for mosquitos than those with A or B blood type.


Pregnancy and overweight

Basal metabolism shows how much calories burns your body while seating and resting. What affects the your attractiveness to mosquitos is the amount of CO2 that your body releases while burning calories.

Since mosquitos are attracted by CO2, those that exhale more CO2 are in a greater “danger”. Pregnant women and overweight people have higher basal metabolism.

Color of the clothes

Dark clothes, especially black or navy blue are more attractive to mosquitos than lighter ones. Those that wear darker colors are more noticeable than those that wear white clothes or lighter shades.


Mosquitos love the smell of alcohol in warm summer nights. Those that drink are in a greater danger of irritating bites and that is why because they breathe faster and often have warmer skin.


The more you move or use gestures, the more interesting you are to mosquitos, because you stand out of the crowd and are easily noticeable.


Some of us have a harder time in dealing with hot summer days and sweat more than the rest. The thing is that mosquitos love smell of sweat and this is what will direct them towards you, if you sweat a lot.



If you like sweet smells, you have to know that mosquitos love then too. Same goes to other products like body lotions and body oils.