See How Amazing This 1930’s Pharmacist’s Map Can Be For Many Health Conditions!

There is this miraculous map of herbal remedies, dating as back as 1932 that was recently published. It is consisted of medicinal plants that were popular among the pharmacies and the general public at the time.

See How Amazing This 1930’s Pharmacist’s Map Can Be For Many Health Conditions!

It is important for the public to save the sight of the fact that Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry they all give a crucial service that cannot be diminished under the effect of commercial trends. These professions, as well as the public would equally lose if these practices are allowed to deteriorate.

Not many people understand how much it is important to know how big role the plants and minerals play in pharmacy practice and how meaningful are these to the general public health maintenance. It has actually been discovered that far more than half of all medicines in use are products from herbs.

Even 80 years ago we have had a system of medicines that is entirely based on patented synthetics and plants that have been eliminated from anything similar to the so-called backyard pharmacy. You should know that the definition itself given by FDA precludes the use of natural substances, and drug-based medicines and unfortunately this has become a kind of human sacrifice on a level never previously seen, or perhaps only seen in civilizations that had deep religious beliefs that represented the cause of the problem.

This map should undoubtedly be shared everywhere to everyone, hopefully enlightening the massive emergent database of natural substances that can be utilized for treatment of various and numerous health conditions.

Oddly enough, you will see that the very much demonized Cannabis Sativa has been listed as medicinal herb on this map! Be aware that in current times this plant has been a reason to punish massively high number of people just for the possession of it, its use, or for the trade of it!

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