Try This Simple Shampoo To Speed Up Hair Growth And Make The Hair Shiny And Strong!

If you care about your hair, you have to try this shampoo that will regenerate the hair and make it sleek and shiny.

Try This Simple Shampoo To Speed Up Hair Growth And Make The Hair Shiny And Strong!

To bring down hair loss and add up to its beauty we recommend this shampoo. It is easy to prepare and it is yet 100% efficient. After a few washes, you will notice your first results. You will not have as much of hair loss and it will be stronger, sleeker and after a month or two of regular use you will notice new hair that will contribute towards volume increase.


  • Nettle shampoo
  • Pantenol (100 ml)
  • Nettle drops (one bottle of 30 ml)
  • AD drops (30 ml)
  • Castor oil (50 ml)
  • Two ampules of vitamin B

In 750ml of nettle shampoo, mix the whole bottle of pantenol, the nettle drops, the AD drops and the castor oil.

How does this shampoo work:

Believe it or not this shampoo is a real vitamin bomb for your scalp, and consequently for your hair.

  • Nettle shampoo: speeds up the peripheral circulation and supply of blood to the head in the way it speeds up the metabolic processes inside the epidermis. With this, the rest of the shampoo ingredients will be absorbed faster and more efficiently.
  • Panthenol: pantonic acid (vitamin B5) works with the salvation of the regular function of the scalp and the stimulation of its regenerative processes.
  • Castor oil: it strengthens the cuticle of the hair. It is rich with vitamin E, which is important antioxidant which stops the work of free radicals and their hazardous influence of the scalp and the hair root. Castor, besides the regenerative properties works to destroy the fungus responsible for appearance of dandruff. It works protectively for the scalp as well as relaxingly and it also heals it. With its thick and slick consistency it removes dead cells of the head skin which stops the clogs of the follicles of the hair which influences hair growth.
  • AD drops: vitamin A works with different physiological functions in the human organism, but what is important for the hair is its regenerative effect for the scalp.
  • B complex vitamin: Feeds the hair and brings back the hair strength.