You Have Sore Throat? Here is What Food and Drinks You Should Avoid!

Tingling, scratching and difficulty with swallowing are only a few of the symptoms of throat inflammation that some food and drinks can even additionally worsen it. Here is what food and drinks you should avoid in that case.

You Have Sore Throat? Here is What Food and Drinks You Should Avoid!

Food that is too hot. Although heat seems very amusing for relief of sore throat, be cautious. Teas and other cooked food that is too hot can additionally strengthen the soreness and damage the inflamed tissue. Be patient for the prepared food to cool off, and do the same with hot drinks until it gets pleasant for consumption.

Acidic food. Acid is in no way a friend of your sick throat, because it can additionally worsen the unpleasant symptoms of tingling, scratching and pain. Avoid fruit and fruity juices that contain high amount of acid. Same goes to salads.

Too salty food. Although gargling of salty water helps immensely with relief of sore throat, too salty food has the opposite effect, namely, large amounts of salt can boost the symptoms of inflammation and cause even more soreness.

Spicy food. Even though spicy and hot food is good for the mucosal membrane since it can cleanse the sinuses, it is not the case with sore throat. Similarly like acidic and salty food, hot spicy food can also intensify the symptoms of inflammation.

Hard food. Inflamed throat is very sensitive to external stimuli, so hard and sharp food that we swallow can additionally worsen the situation.