How to Speed Up Ironing With Aluminum Foil

If up until now you have used aluminum foil just for wrapping food leftovers and only for kitchen jobs, you haven’t used its full potential.

How to Speed Up Ironing With Aluminum Foil

The thing that bothers us the most is the effort we invest, and the time we spend while ironing. Still, with this advice, the time of ironing can get cut to minimum.
You will iron your clothes efficiently and quickly, the following way:

Put aluminum foil under the case for the ironing board. That will reflect the heat and you will iron three times faster!

Why? Because the wood from the ironing board absorbs half of the heat that the iron emits. The aluminum foil will reflect the heat and speed up the ironing.

That us how you will quickly iron both sides of the clothes.

Aluminum foil can also be used for keeping the heat inside the house and for maintaining the cleanliness of your stove.