How To Use Aluminum Foil As a Cure!

It seems like regular aluminum foil is adequate not only for kitchen use, but also for curing diseases. If you are bothered by neck pain, back pain, shoulder or knee pain, or you have pain in your heel that makes it almost impossible to lean on it, you can apply aluminum foil on the affected area. At your surprise and luck, after awhile the pain goes away.

How To Use Aluminum Foil As a Cure!

The thing is that the biological flows that happen in our organism within the biologically active spots, reflect and come back to the meridian where they first came out from. That is of very big use for the sick organ, that this meridian is connected. This interesting way of healing has been practiced since long time ago, especially by Chinese and Russian healers, and it is also described in the works of the psychotherapist Vilhelm Reich, a student of Freud.

How does the healing process happen?

You take a regular aluminum foil, and put it at the painful area, making sure you tape it tightly.

Healing with aluminum foil can be practiced with all kinds of pain: in the neck, back, hands, legs, ankles, with sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, heel spur etc. You can even heal postsurgical scars with this method. There have also been good results when curing gout. Wrap the big finger with foil and secure with gauze.


Chinese healers recommend this method of healing with aluminum foil to last from ten to twelve days. Secure the foil on the affected area every day, or use at night. Make a break of a week or two and repeat the treatment if needed.

Aluminum foil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. With its help, you can successfully heal colds.

You will need to wrap your feet in five to seven layers of foil, and put cloth or paper between every layer. Keep this on for about an hour. Remove afterwards, and apply again after two hours, again – for an hour. Do this 3 times per day, for a week.

The opinions on how foil affects various diseases are different. Someone claims it is up to science and others claim that it has to do with bio energy. Skvorcov, a Russian scientist, explains it like this:

“When establishing health, often energy-structural measures are used like aluminum foil. In the human organism there are special mother cells that are continuously connected to the mother fields of the Earth. Because of different reasons, this field is deformed, and so it is the energetic food of the mother cells. The surface of the foil reflects the mother field of the Earth, and like a huge focusing lens, it magnifies it few times which in turn results in restoration of the undisrupted relationship between the cells and the mother field. Besides, the glow from its surface stops the penetration of the external disharmonic radiation within the human body and it also absorbs the disharmonic radiation.”