This Wise Old Man Can Save Your Life With This Advice!

We are constantly chasing money, often forgetting about our dearest, about the people surrounding us that are meaningful to us.

This Wise Old Man Can Save Your Life With This Advice!

We lost the value system and we pay too much attention to some marginal things, mainly material ones. One wise man reminded us what makes the true values.

When asked what all people in the world have in common, this 89 year old wise man said:

  • Their boring childhood, the rush to grow up, and then they want to be children again. They spent their life to make money, and then use the money to regain the health. They live as if they are never going to die, and they die as if they have never lived.

He then gives a very important message to the young people:

To learn that they cannot make anybody love them. That the most valuable is not what they own, but who they have in their life. To learn that it is not good to compare themselves to others. That the richest man is not who owns the most, but who does not need much. To learn that only few seconds are enough to deeply hurt the ones we love, and years are needed to heal that wound. To understand that there are people that love them tenderly, but don’t know how to say or show that. To learn that money can buy much, except happiness. That two people can look at the same thing, but see it differently. To learn that the real friend is the one who knows your shortcomings, but still loves you.

Are we going to stop for a moment and think about these words? Think about whether we are making some mistakes? Are we going to start to pay attention to the world surrounding us? It is up to us…T