Did We Mention The Buckwheat Diet? Its Effects Are Marvelous! No Starvation At All!

This nutrient helps with cardiovascular diseases, and especially with high blood pressure and digestion problems. Besides this, it is of exceptional importance for loss of excess weight, 100% efficient. No starvation at all.

Did We Mention The Buckwheat Diet? Its Effects Are Marvelous! No Starvation At All!

We are talking about buckwheat.
It has been proven long ago that its healing properties are efficient for numerous health issues. Since it improves the memory, when compared to other grains, buckwheat is a low-calorie product that contains many proteins, amino acids, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, vitamin B1, B6.

Nutritionists often recommend its inclusion in people’s menu, especially the ones suffering from anemia, hypertension, and liver diseases.

The diet lasts 14 days.
After 2 weeks of this diet, you can lose from 15 to 20 pounds, and at the same time clean your organism and rest your stomach and intestines.

Recipe for buckwheat preparation:

First, buy buckwheat (baked grains). You can find it in every healthy food store.

At night, pour boiling water over the grains, strain the water and pour boiling water again (one cup of buckwheat – ½ cups of water). You can prepare 1, 2 or 3 cups, as many as you would like. Try with one, and you can adjust it according to your appetite.

Cover it and leave it overnight (not cooking it). It is ready to use in the morning.


You are allowed to eat as much buckwheat as you want, without spices, sauces and salt (you can only eat soy sauce). During the day, drink one liter of kefir (no more than 1% – 1,6%). It is obligatory to drink water, as much as you would like, but no less than 1,5 liters a day. It is best if you also drink green tea, along with the water. Coffee is also allowed, but don’t add sugar. It is convenient to have the last meal 4 hours before sleeping.

You can also consume fruit and vegetables during the day (apple, orange, salads, green veggies, dried plums, a teaspoon of honey). You can eat steamed green veggies – spinach, broccoli, green beans and brussel sprouts, but without adding salt or other spices.

This buckwheat diet is not starvation, you should not feel hunger at all.

One more note: when you are finished with the diet, do not weigh yourself right away – wait for 3-4 more days and then you can step on the weigh scale (because the cleansing of the organism continues for a few more days, after the diet is done).