10 Tips To Use White Vinegar For Better Laundry Results

Doing laundry is very boring and exhausting process, and it requires good detergent that will do its job properly. This problem could be solved by pouring a commonly used ingredient at your home, white vinegar.

10 Tips To Use White Vinegar For Better Laundry Results

These are the 10 reasons why you should add white vinegar to your washing machine drum while doing laundry, in order to save nerves, effort and money.

1. You can increase the power of the laundry detergent, protect the color of the clothes and reduce soapy residue after washing. Just add half cup of white vinegar to your clothes before putting them in the machine.

2. Using vinegar instead of fabric softener will provide the same effect, but it will make your clothes softer and it will have less bad impact on the environment. You should just pour it into the designated compartment of the washing machine.

3. Removing deodorant strains and swat from your white clothes is much easier because of the consisted acid.

4. You can prevent the residues on the clothes after washing, left by the powder detergents. Run an empty (no laundry) circle with one cup vinegar poured

5. This ingredient successfully neutralizes strong and unpleasant smell from your dirty clothes.

6. Make solution from half a cup of vinegar and hot water and soak your dirty clothes. Let them overnight in that solution, then wash them as usual.

7. Removing hair and fuzz on some fabrics from your pet is almost impossible. Using white vinegar can help you make your clothes clean and without hair.

8. If you’re wondering how to remove static charge from clothes in the wash, acid in white vinegar is here to take care of that static charge and keep you away from this nasty little shocks.

9. While hand wash, add 6 tablespoons white vinegar and let it soak for half an hour. This can be used for washing underwear and swimwear, too.

10. Avoid usage of rough chemicals while cleaning and descale your washing machine, using the power of the white vinegar.