Read Why Grapes Are So Useful To Consume!

Besides being refreshing, grapes are also a cure for blood cleansing, regulation of digestion, eliminating fatty layers, treating inflammatory processes in digestive organs and also eliminating rheumatic difficulties and skin allergies.

Read Why Grapes Are So Useful To Consume!

Fresh grape juice is rich with vitamins A, B and C and many minerals. Grapes work as a natural tonic for the organism, and it is also an exceptionally nutritive food. It contains about 20% sugars, so it is also energetically valuable food. This fruit is also an important source of bioflavonoids which protect the organism from free radicals. Because of different antioxidants, grapes have a strong effect against bacteria, viruses, inflammations and allergies.

It is recommended for bad circulation, and is good in prevention and delay of aging, dementia and degenerative eye diseases. Buy only ripe grapes, because once harvested, it means it is as good as it gets. The color has to be green-yellowish. Wash the grapes immediately before eating, and keep it in refrigerator to maintain the freshness. White grapes has very similar energetic value to the black grapes, a bit less of potassium and calcium, but it is poor with phenols compared to black grapes.

Black grapes

The grapes must be as dark as possible, almost black and when you shake the grapes they must not fall off. The peel of the black grapes is full of phenols which give the color and the taste. Polyphenols (resveratrol, anthocyanins, catenin and quercetin) are antioxidants which destroy harmful substances, free radicals which can cause tumor. They maintain the arteries health so they decrease the risk of heart diseases.

Black grapes should be eaten often because of the nutritive treasure, mostly potassium, vitamin C, B1 and B6 and manganese.

Recently, a research showed that consumption of black grapes increases the melatonin hormone levels, necessary for good sleep. Some grape kinds have a lot of fiber, calcium and iron and can replace sugar in cookies. Resveratrol positively influences motor and mental functions of the brain and decreases the risk of a stroke and helps in flexibility and health of the heart muscle. Some research showed that it has an important role in prevention of malign diseases and can even speed up destroy of already existing cancer cells.


Even though sweet foods like raisins are considered to be harmful for the teeth, new research has proved something different. It showed that the substances from raisins prevent growth of bacteria responsible for caries creation and tooth diseases. This is because they contain fructose and glucose and not sucrose which is mostly guilty of mouth cavity diseases.

Wine vinegar

This type of vinegar calms diarrhea and bleeding. It is used for preparation of compressions for different diseases. Occasional wash of the body with this vinegar and water cleans the skin and opens the pores, improves the blood circulation, and the organism becomes more resistant to different diseases and harmful external influence.