Life Hacks That Include Vinegar and Will Definitely Make Your Life Easier

As you have probably heard, vinegar and alcohol can be your helper when cleaning the house. Here are 13 issues that you can solve with this combo and we give you the directions on how to do it too!

Life Hacks That Include Vinegar and Will Definitely Make Your Life Easier
  • Does your trash bin smell really bad, even though it is empty and you have already washed it? Here is what you can do: Grab a piece of bread, pour white vinegar on it and let it soak up the liquid. Just place it on the bottom of the bin, leave it overnight and the next they you will see that the smell will be gone!


  • Rubbing alcohol on ink stains can work miracles. For optimal results use 91% alcohol.


  • If you are broke, or just tired of spending money on various different cleaning products, make a homemade cleaner that you can use for basically anything. Get an empty spray bottle, add white vinegar (about one third) and fill the rest with water, adding few drops of dish detergent. There you have it!


  • If you have a problem with dandruff, just wash the hair as you would normally do and soak your scalp with white vinegar afterwards. Leave the vinegar on for a couple minutes and rinse. You can repeat the procedure few times per week and you will notice that the dandruff is gone!


  • If you have fruit flies in your home, get rid of them by just pouring apple cider vinegar in a small container and wrap it, making a few small holes in the wrapper. They flies will get in but they won’t be able to get out.


  • To clean the windows, you can use alcohol and vinegar too, they won’t leave any stains and will make the job fairly easier.


  • Has a sticker, or a tape left some marks on your wall? No worries! Just grab white vinegar, spray the area, and leave for a few minutes. Afterwards, just wipe it off and the stain will be gone!


  • If your clothes are wrinkled and you have no time for ironing, or the fabric is very sensitive than just do this: get a spray bottle filling it with one part white vinegar and three parts water. Spray the clothes and leave it for a few minutes. After it has dried, you will see that the wrinkles are gone. If you are afraid that the clothes will smell like vinegar, just spray some air freshener on them and you will be fine.


  • Does your cat get on your furniture and scratches? Do you dislike this habit? Then just spray some vinegar on the furniture and since cats hate vinegar they will keep off it.


  • If your drain is clogged, get a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. Pour them in the sink, and you will see them foaming. After the foaming has stopped, wash the sink with hot water.


  • If you like having a bouquet of fresh flowers, but they die off pretty quickly, just mix some water with apple cider vinegar in the vase and you will witness the flowers lasting longer.


  • You can clean out your glasses with a soft cloth and vinegar. The vinegar will get rid of all the oily dirt on them and make them shiny!


  • If your pots and pans are getting hard to wash, just clean them with a cup of vinegar, and same amount of water. Boil this mixture for a few minutes and the pans will be as good as new!