5 Interesting Things You May Not Know About These Everyday Objects

From “pockets” in female underwear to bobbles on winter hats and holes in the pot handles, there are various things we use every day that we know little about. Here are five interesting things you may not know about certain objects you probably use everyday.

5 Interesting Things You May Not Know About These Everyday Objects

1.    “Pockets” in Panties

You know that extra layer of fabric that’s sewn on your underwear? Although it may look like a tiny pocket, it’s not. It’s there primarily so your underwear feels more comfortable, which is why it’s made of soft cotton.

2.    Winter Hat Bobbles

If you thought that the bobbles located on winter hats are there just as a fashion statement, you wouldn’t be the only one. However, when they first appeared, they had a different purpose. French marines wore hats with bobbles to prevent head injuries in low-ceiling cabins. Basically, furry bobbles would soften any accident head blows.

3.    Holes in The Pot Handles

The main reason pot handles have holes in them is so you can quickly hang them. However, a little less known purpose of this little hole includes cooking spoons: when you’re cooking and have nowhere to put your messy cooking spoon, sticking it into the hole in the pot handle is an option.

4.    Indentations in Wine Bottles

The dimples in many wine bottles are not there so you can get a better grip of the bottle – they’re there to compensate for the pressure that wine goes through during the corking process.

5.    Diamond-shaped Symbols on Backpacks

You’ve probably noticed that many backpacks sport diamond-shaped symbols on the front. Although they can look cute, they’re not there as simple fashion statements – they actually have a purpose. In the past, they were used to carry an ice ax, and today, hikers and mountain climbers use these as a part of their camping equipment as it allows securing extra items to their backpacks.