Here Is Why Cotton Panties Are a Better Choice Than Thongs!

Recently, the trend of wearing tongs is not that popular and regular panties are coming back on stage. Good old cotton models have a whole lot of advantages and here are 5 reasons why they will always be better than thongs.

Here Is Why Cotton Panties Are a Better Choice Than Thongs!
  • They are more comfortable

In the category of comfort, cotton panties are absolutely better than thongs. They do not get stuck in uncomfortable places, they do not irritate and do not create painful rash.

  • They are an ideal partner during your cycle

They always provide a maximum feeling of security during monthly cycle, wearing pads and tampons is by itself quite uncomfortable and we don’t exactly need to worry about having some blood stain on our clothes.

This is why cotton regular panties are a perfect partner in fighting the unwanted stains and the most comfortable model of panties a woman can wear during the menstruation.

  • They are easy for maintenance

Thongs fall within the category of sensitive laundry, so you really got to be careful when washig them. They are small and can get lost in the process of washing, so you have to keep them in a little net for this purpose, but then again, they don’t get well washed like that. Regular cotton panties can be washed on every temperature.

  • They are better for your health

The underwear should be a barrier between our intimate parts and the clothes that are usually rough and can irritate the skin. Because of this, regular panties have one more plus when compared to thongs.

The thin part of the thong is positioned right between the anus and the vulva. It is constantly moving and it can transfer some bacteria to the vagina and the urinary tract. That is why gynecologists suggest to women prone to urinary and vaginal infections not to wear thongs and choose regular panties instead.

  • They let the intimate parts breathe

Regular panties let the air flow in the area. Thongs are other sexy panties are often made of fabric that does not let air flow, or just the area between the legs is made of cotton.

These kind of fabrics create moisture and this is convenient for infections to develop. Regular panties are made of pure cotton, without any synthetic fabrics.