6 Unconventional Tips On How To Stay Healthy And Fit During The Holiday Season!

First and foremost, everybody is aware that webpages, magazines – they are all full of advices and tips how to resist the “uhm-so-yummy-food” while it is right there – a hand reach away! This is very unconventional, very efficient and very possible sort of system, or maybe I should call it your personal program.

6 Unconventional Tips On How To Stay Healthy And Fit During The Holiday Season!

Number ONE: Hydration and water. Water and hydration. Call it any way you want, but the point is simple and clear – drink as much water as you can and make sure you stay hydrated at all times. Why? Because research has showed that if drinking two glasses ahead of a calorie-rich meal, it will decrease the chances of overeating. Also, the brain can sometimes mistake thirst and hunger and vice versa. Hm. What a confusing organ. The brain, I mean.

Number TWO: Reduce stress. Oh yeah, the stress is one of the biggest triggers to hunger and unnecessary eating. Harvard study has once again proved that stress causes overeating and consumption of comfort food. This is due to the imbalance of the hormones the body produces in this state. So do everything in your power to reduce stress during the holiday season. Make lists, delegate obligations – do everything that is necessary but RE-DU-CE-STRESS!

Number THREE: If you feel like you want something really bad, don’t impose psychological torture on yourself! You can have something you want, no need to count every calorie, just make sure it is within a normal limit and ensure compensation afterwards. For example, if those cookies look very tempting, have one! But make sure it is only one or two and refuse a drink afterwards. This is how you will feel good about satisfaction, but also compensation and maintaining your health.

Number FOUR: It is only one day, after all! It is true that the holiday lasts a single day only, and it is really not so bad if you consume more than usually on that day. The fact is that one day cannot make you gain weight, get sick or influence your overall health (excluding alcohol, ahem). However, be cautious not to start a pattern of daily treats.

Number FIVE: Do not hibernate! Okay, so I am aware that the gym is not the most attractive place to be at, during the holidays. I will tell you a few ideas you can try to enforce exercise daily, without even noticing it or feeling tired or lazy.

• Go Christmas shopping! Try to walk around in shops for 30 minutes, without sitting down. The longer you can do it – the better! Also, make sure you are the one carrying the bags, not your husband, not your friend and certainly not a cart!
• Shake that booty! That’s right – you can dance. The holiday season is mostly good because you get to spend time with your family, and it is them you can dance with! It sounds silly, but will get you lots of laughter and things to joke about later!
• When you play games with your friends and family, ditch scrabble! Try something that involves more physical activity, and if the weather is nice you can even play some sports outside!

Number SIX: Choose your best outfits! Not only you will have a chance to wear your cutest outfits, but this will also make you keep your weight in check. Psychologists have proved that wearing clothes that perfectly fit you can be a great mechanism to stop you from overeating. Go ahead, show that beautiful new outfit of yours!