These Advises Will Help You Survive If Your Car Sinks

Increase your chances of survival by avoiding panic, this way you can also save other lives. Over 85% od the people whose car is in the water lose their lifes, and in Europe only, around 400 persons per year die due to such circumstances.

These Advises Will Help You Survive If Your Car Sinks

Although all traffic accidents are horrifying, those in which the car ends up in water are horror because the travelers are often trapped in the car, so they start to panic. You need to be informed of certain behaviors in these situations, because it may not seem important today, but it can save your life tomorrow, or the life of your family or even strangers you may see.

Even if the car has sunk, the situation isn’t hopeless because of the air pocket in the car, you only need to stay sober and follow these advices, know that the cars usually sink in between 20 seconds and two minutes.

1. Get ready for the hit
Once you realize that the car has slipped from the road and fell into water, get ready. It is best that you place both hands in the position “nine and three”, namely in this direction of the clock. The hit could activate the airbags, so a different position may cause injuries. The airbags usually activate in 0,04 seconds after the hit. Stay still afterwards to think what you must do next.

2. Take off the seat belt
If you have other travelers and children with you, take off their seat belts first. Let the seat belt be your orientation if the car has already sunk under water to locate the doors and windows and think which side you must go to get on the surface. The front of the car usually sinks faster, so keep this in mind

3. Try to open the window
Right after getting into the water, try to open the window – the electronics in it should be functional about 3 minutes after touching the water. The window is usually easier to open than the door – because the door is usually blocked after the water partly covers it, and besides, opening the door will accelerate the sinking.

If you cannot open the window, you have the option of breaking it. The side and back windows are easiest to break. You can use all heavy objects, like stones, hammers, umbrellas, but also cell phone and keys. It is important that you direct all your strength in breaking the window. After you succeeded, push the pieces aside using your legs to clear the path.

4. Moving from the car is possible only after the pressure is equal
While there is still air in the car, breath slowly and deeply, concentrating on what are you going to do next. The last time, take a deep breath and don’t open the door anymore and go out through the window.

5. Swim upwards as fast as you can
Push yourself from the car using your legs and get some more time while saving energy. If you lose direction, move towards the light or the bubbles. If the water is iced, find the place where the car broke the ice. After getting out from the car, look for someone who will call for help and try to keep warm.

Here is a video with directions: