The Amazing Use Of Sparkling Water As A Beauty Treatment

When someone mentions sparkling water beauty treatment, it might seem a bit odd, but the truth is – it is becoming more popular and widespread each day since it is very efficient and easy.

The Amazing Use Of Sparkling Water As A Beauty Treatment

Even though it may seem funny at first, washing your face with sparkling or carbonated water is one of the easiest and most effective ways of cleansing your skin and making it glow in no time. The reason for this is that the carbonation cleans and tightens the pores which in turn results with a soft and firm skin.

The idea of using sparkling water for this method appeared in spa centers in Korea and Japan awhile ago. When it became more popular, beauty therapists claimed that the benefits of using this method in combination with a few other ones can be like an elixir for the skin.

The simplicity of this treatment, as well as the fact how easy is to do it, is perhaps the method’s biggest benefit. If you feel exhausted and need a refreshment, just spray some sparkling water on your face and you’ll immediately see the difference. What it does is bringing the collagen fibers back together and makes the skin firmer. It also helps with washing the dirt from the pores.

Is there a difference in using sparkling mineral water and regular sparkling water?

Mineral water is gentle on the skin, so it is always suggested to make a combination of mineral water with sparkling water. This way you’ll get the right mix that will give the best results. Regarding this method of treatment, the mixture, or more specifically the ratio of the two types of water should be in equal proportions.

How does it work?

The carbonated water has bubbles, and these bubbles help in delivering oxygen deeply into the pores and they take out all the dirt and bacteria, leaving the skin clean and healthy. One more thing is that it improves blood circulation which makes the skin brighter and smoother.

Nowadays, there are many additives in the sparkling water, and these additives provide even more benefits including: balance, hydration and increase of the skin’s firmness, control of oil secretion, exfoliation, cleaning and many more. Basically, it provides anything we could wish from a beauty product.

We recommend that you should try using carbonated water as face wash and see the results.


Sparkling water in the role of facial cleanser

The maximum benefits you could get from this treatment include consideration of the skin type and adoption of a couple options of use of sparkling water.

Sensitive and dry skin: If you have dry and sensitive skin use equal amount of sparkling mineral and regular sparkling water. Pour them in a bowl and dip your face the same way like the other method below. Do this procedure once every seven days and if needed (you’ll notice the skin reaction), do it more often.

Normal and oily skin: Fill up a container of sparkling mineral water and dip your face in it, holding your breath 10-20 seconds. If you have normal skin, doing this once per week should be perfectly fine, while if you have oily skin try to do this 3 times a week.

This miraculous beauty treatment will show the first results in about a month. You’ll see your face full of life and brightness.