Best Exercise For The Glutes Backed By Science And Self Experience

There are countless exercises for the glutes, many women like to build their glutes and not the hamstrings and quads. I advise all of my clients to work all the muscles not just for aesthetic purposes but also for healthy joints and muscle imbalances that would happen if you overdevelop one muscle or another.

Best Exercise For The Glutes Backed By Science And Self Experience

 Anatomy of the glutes

 The functions of muscles includes extension, abduction, lateral(external) rotation and medial (internal) rotation of the hip joint. The gluteus maximus also supports the extended knee through the iliotibial tract. There are 3 muscles that make the glutes:

1.Gluteus maximus (The biggest)
2.Gluetus medius
3.Gluteus minimus

The bulk of the muscle is the gluteus maximus, after that is the medius(upper part) and the minimus(deep muscle) as the smallest muscle of the glutes.


Best exercises for those areas


From my experience and the EMG studies from the Glute Guy these are the best exercises:


1.Hip thrust/Glute bridge

2. Step ups/lunges

3. Reverse hyperextension

4. Sumo deadlift

5. Glute pendulum/Abduction exercises

6. Kettle bell swings

7. Split squat/Bulgarian squat

8.Good morning/Back extension


10.Low bar squats


Those are the ten best exercises for the glutes according to science and my own self experience. If you want to grow faster workout your glutes more oftenly like 2-3 times weekly. Upper/Lower or Full body is a great option for this set. Don’t forget about variety and progressive overload. The best exercise is that you make the most progress on it so if you don’t up the weights the muscle doesn’t have the stimuli to grow. Work hard and smart.