Be Brave To Try These Grandparents’ Remedies – It Will Be Worth It!

Everybody’s grandparents have tried some (to you) bizarre treatments for some conditions. We offer you some odd answers to problems, that our grandparents used, but are in general very helpful.

Be Brave To Try These Grandparents’ Remedies – It Will Be Worth It!

“Goodbye bad breath”, said the celery

Many old generations used celery to get rid of bad breath. That is correct! No chewing gums, just chew on some celery and you will see your bad breath disappearing.

Arthritis treated by raisins

These dried fruits can be of huge help when it comes to arthritis symptomes. According to grandparents, all you got to do is take a bit of gin, pour it in a cup and add some golden raisins. The raisins’ nutrients and the anti-inflammatory properties of the gin ingredients will help with swelling and with pain too!

Lemons for earache

We are aware it seems a bit odd, but squeezing some lemon juice onto an ear bud can work miracles! Do this, and place the bud in your ear for no longer than a minute and a half. The lemon juice is really good at restoring pH balance which will help with inflammation and therefore – the pain!

No more hair loss, thanks to nettle

It has been proved that nettle actually can help with this condition since it is full of protein, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium as well as beta-carotene. It has no lack in vitamins A, C, D and B, either. All of these nutrients are very good for stimulating hair growth, keeping in mind that the basic ingredient of hair is protein.

Get six nettle leaves, put them in a cup, and pour boiling water over them. Now drink the tea!

Be cautious with high doses of nettle, since it contains silica that can be dangerous in high amounts.

Menopause and yams?!

Yams and sweet potatoes are not the same. Yams have a skin that is darker, rougher  and thicker. Very rich with vitamins like C and A, that aid in hormone balance restoration, as well as fiber that helps regulating cholesterol levels.

Baking soda aids urinary tract infection

It seems like grannies have an answer to every issue! This is extremely beneficial tip that can be of high benefit! Get a glass of water and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Use this when rinsing at the shower or simply drink it! The baking soda acts in increasing the alkalinity values in the bladder which prevents bacteria from thriving.

Be aware that if the situation with the symptoms continues and is constant, or really painful, you need to see a doctor!

Having motion sickness? Get some olives!

It does sound quite bizarre, but note the olives are rich with tannins. Tannins help with storage of excess saliva. Usually, before getting sick, one experiences high amounts of saliva in the mouth and this makes the matter even worse! The message is simple – next time you travel, make sure you bring some olives!

Potatoes as spider bite treatment

When potatoes are raw, they have anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties, which is exactly what you need after a spider bate. Slice a potato, wrap a slice onto the area with a bandage or gauze and gently rub the bite.

Problems with indigestion? Get some dried apricots!

You will see many elderly people that consume dried apricots after dinner and wonder why is this so. It is fairly simple: it helps them digest the food! These fruits are excessive with dietary fiber which plays an important role in digesting the food in the stomach, preventing bloating. If you feel full or ill after you have a big meal – eat some apricots!

This is a proof that is big enough not to laugh at the logic of your grandparents when they offer you a remedy next time!