Excessive Sunbed Exposure Can Cause Malignant Melanoma

Sunbeds can be deadly dangerous, especially if you over-exposure your skin to UV radiation.

Excessive Sunbed Exposure Can Cause Malignant Melanoma

Over-exposure to UV radiation can cause two types of skin cancer – non-melanoma which always can be treated with success. The second type of skin cancer is malignant melanoma, which can be fatal if it’s not treated early.

Especially children are those who are very sensitive to intensive UV exposure. Most of the studies points to over-exposure to UV and sunburns as main risk factors for getting melanomas.

For that reason, studies suggest controlled exposure to UV either on a sunbed or in sunlight is essential for preventing skin cancer.

Facts and Risks of Using Sunbeds (The Cadogan Clinic London)

Teenagers that are exposed to sunbed UV radiation are twice as likely to be diagnosed with malignant melanoma, rather than teenagers that have never used sunbeds as a way of tanning skin.

Using sunbeds before the age of 40 increasing the risk of developing skin cancer.

For people who start tanning their skin very early before they turn 20, chances for getting malignant melanoma are 88% greater rather than people who was never been exposed to sunbed UV radiation.

Most of the studies suggest that population up to age of 25 is more sensitive to the UV radiation emitted by the high power sunbeds rather than radiation emitted by the sunlight.

Some 76 percent of population between the ages of 18 and 29 with diagnose of malignant melanoma were likely those who were exposed to sunbed UV radiation

Older sunbed users have lower chances for diagnosing cancer. The risk for getting skin cancer up to the age of 39, is around 13 percent.