Your Eyelid Is Flickering? Read What This Means!

Flickering eye, medicinally known as blefarospasm or miocimia, is forced, involuntary flickering of the eye lid. Some people experience it оn the upper, some on the lower lid. This is a very common occurrence, and it can happen to the left or to the right eye. All flickering lasts shorter or longer, can reoccur and most often cures itself.

Your Eyelid Is Flickering? Read What This Means!

Causes of flickering eye

Dry eyes are the most frequent cause of flickering. Other causes include: stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, irritation of the corneal or conjunctiva, long-term computer screen or TV exposure, nervous system disorders, overconsumption of caffeine. Flickering eye is not a dangerous situation, but in these situations might require a doctor’s visit: if it lasts longer than seven days, if the flickering completely closes the lids and interrupts normal vision, if the upper eye lid is limp.

How to treat flickering?

When the cause is eye dryness, it is necessary to use artificial tears and moisturizing gels. In stressful situations, the organism reduces the resorption of vitamin B, necessary for regular function of the nervous system. For milder flickering cases, which are mostly caused by stress, vacation is recommended, as well as lots of sleep, reduction of caffeine consumption, vitamin B complex, meditation or anything else that might help you relax. When it comes to minerals, most frequently the lack of magnesium can be a cause of flickering eye lids, so intake of this mineral is also recommended. Almonds, dark chocolate, sea salt and whole grains are all rich with this mineral.
In advanced cases, the doctor will give you the appropriate therapy and further examination.

Superstitions about eye flickering

Superstitions connected to flickering eye are famous in many cultures, and lots of people still believe in those today. In China, more than a billion people believe that it is a sign of good luck, while in Eastern Europe it means bad luck. Also, it is thought that flickering of the lower eye lid means that someone is gossiping about you. In some parts of Africa, flickering of the lower lid means that that the person is going to cry soon. In Hawaii, eye flickering can be a signal of an incoming stranger. In some cultures, if you have a flickering eye you are not supposed to tell anyone, since this will bring you bad luck.


In some cases of this condition of the eye muscles, botox is applied to stop the contraction of the muscle fibers and it is becoming a more frequent procedure nowadays in severe cases of eyelid flickering which disrupt the normal functioning of the person.