Did You Know That Flip Flops Are Dangerous? These Are 5 Ways They Can Harm You

One of the most popular and convenient footwear on the plant, flip flops, are very dangerous for our health and lots of experts are warning about the danger.

Did You Know That Flip Flops Are Dangerous? These Are 5 Ways They Can Harm You

If you are wandering what are those reasons, here they are:

Lowers Your Body Muscles and Wears Out Your Joints

Did you know that wearing flip flops more than few hours a day can damage your health? It can cause lots of problems such as stress fractures, shin splints, and tendonitis. It can even cause plantar fasciitis. All of this can happen because the foot ligament is pulled when we walk on hard surfaces without support (in this case with flip flops on).


You will most certainly get blisters between your toes when you wear flip flops. And blisters are bad because they can burst into bad and painful sores that can be a perfect place for bacteria to grow.

They Can Damage Your Feet

Because they are without straps or laces, flip flops can easily fall off and endanger your feet. You will naturally take smaller steps and crunch your toes, making a bad habit which can lead to hip and knee aches.

Tripping Risk

When you wear flip flops you are in danger of tripping and falling because loose Y-shaped straps can give you very low stability. Doctors are recommending other types of footwear because this kind is very unstable and loose. And you don’t want to hurt your ankle or your knee, right?

Bad Posture

Because they are not providing any support for your spine, flip flops are very bad and can hurt your bone structure. This is the reason why flat shoes can cause back and joint pain.

You should try wearing closed-toe shoes because of these reasons. This type of shoes is great for your back and can protect your from hurting and falling, but also protect you from dust and dirt.

If you love to wear flip flops, use ones that don’t have a flat sole.