Eyes Makeup: Everything You Need To Know About It

The use of makeup for eyes is not so easy task, even for women who think they are masters at it. We bring you a simple guide to all parts of the eye, so that the certainty you know where everything is applied, and to look more beautiful and attractive.

Eyes Makeup: Everything You Need To Know About It


If you want your eyebrows up and i to “open” the eyes, you can add a matte or shimmering, pale shadow directly below the brows.


Typically, your main shade of shadow goes on the lid, but there can be creative with eyeliner. Depending from woman to woman, in this area has more or less space.

Between the bone and eyelid

Between the bone and eyelid, apply a darker shade of shadow, because it gives the eyes of dimensionality.

External corner

At the outer corner of the eye is for applying eyeliner or darker shadows, forming the shape of the letter “V”. For a softer effect, can be applied in the form of the letter “C”.

Upper lashes

On the upper eyelashes, the place from which the lashes ‘nothingness’, the eyes can be defined using the eyeliner, shadow or even, simplest, mascara.


The inner circumference of the eye (waterline) can be “hosted” dark eyeliner (for the smoky eye effect) or a light, nude eyeliner to make the eyes look larger, more open and more alert.

Lower lashes

Immediately below the waterline, your lower lashes is placed at which you can apply eyeliner or shadow, to define the eyes.

The tear duct

This is the inner corner of the eye which can cause a little glittering or pale shadows, so the eyes look more open.