It is pretty obvious from the word itself that grape seed oil is from wine grapes. The seeds from white grapes are the healthiest part of the fruit, since they are full of antioxidants and many other useful compounds among which is oligomeric proanthocyandin complexes (OPC)


OPCs are famous for their antioxidant power. Other benefits from OPCs are: being anti-carcinogenic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

This oil has been used, primarily for food and beauty – of course. It is great for frying food, can be used as sauce and dressing. Regarding beauty, it is a part of many products including sunscreen, moisturizers and many more. The benefits for the organism are numerous.

Immune System Booster
The guilt goes to vitamin E which is present in the oil in high percentage. This is an important and powerful antioxidant, because it stimulates the work and creation of killer cells, and it enhances the B-cells production whose task is the production of antibodies.

High Blood Pressure prevention
The substances present in grape seed oil can be protectors of blood vessels, thus can prevent high blood pressure. Only one dose can help with hypertension.

Alzheimer’s disease
This kind of oil can help to stop or at least delay Alzheimer’ development. What the oil does is preventing compounds that can cause lesions in the brain to pile up.

Treatment of Wounds
Studies have shown that applying grape seed oil externally can be an effective manner to support healing of wounds. It helps the organism to produce more of the necessary compounds for regeneration tissues, and also increasing the number of free radicals which can help to get rid of bacteria that may be situated on or around the wound.

Proanthocyanidin helps lowering of cholesterol. Studies done, as the one at the Medical Center of Georgetown University found out that this oil can reduce not only cholesterol levels but also Low-density lipoprotein.

Cancer Treatment
The compounds found in grape seed oil can help in prevention of melanoma. The oil can even delay the growth of tumorous cells without the side effects of chemo and radiation. Grape seeds can decrease the danger of skin cancer.
Studies in 2012 have shown that this oil was very efficient dealing with colorectal cancer within controlled environment. As the cancer stages went up, so did the grapeseed oil benefits. It is worth mentioning that a few studies stated that consuming this oil on a regular basis can actually prevent cancer and can cause the cancer cells that are triggers to destruct themselves.
Another type of cancer this oil can help with is prostate cancer. The GSO stops the cells to spread and may cause cell’s death. Also, this oil can help with the extreme side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.

Grapeseed oil can help with swelling that happened after an injury or a chirurgical intervention. Another condition it can help with is chronic venous insufficiency.
Skin Beauty
The oil has emollient characteristics which is why is so popular among beauty brands. Skin aging can be prevented by the antioxidant properties and free radicals. It can tighten the skin, protecting it from damage because of the sun. Linoleic acid can treat acne, dermatitis and even eczema. Vitamin E is most important for the skin and is very present in the oil. Conclusion: the oil can help with sunburn, wrinkles, age spots and stretch marks. The best thing is that this oil can balance dry and oily skin, so if you have combined skin it can be of huge help to you.
Since the oil is rich in OPCs it can help with collagen production.

Hair Beauty
Besides helping with skin care, the oil can help with hair care too. It can increase hair growth, and make the hair smooth and soft. It is good with dry hair, it will not leave your hair oily and it has no scent. It can also help with split ends and frizzy hair.
When it comes to hair loss grape seed oil is a gold mine. Using it on a daily basis (applying on the hair, leaving it to soak for a few minutes and rinsing it afterwards) can make the hair strong, longer, healthy and more beautiful. The oil can be used for treating dandruff too.