This Homemade Swedish Tincture Is Worth Millions, But You Can Prepare It For Much Less…

Here is the recipe – the ingredients and the preparation method for the Swedish tincture. This homemade remedy has such a broad use, so our advice is for everyone to prepare as much as possible.

This Homemade Swedish Tincture Is Worth Millions, But You Can Prepare It For Much Less…


  • Aloe leaves -10 grams
  • Fir resin – 5 gr.
  • Acacia flowers 10g
  • Laurel leaf or cinnamon 10g
  • Rhubarb 10g
  • Gentian 10g
  • Crushed juniper 10g
  • Anise 4g
  • Angelica 10g
  • Silver thistle 5g
  • European ash 10g


Put this mix in a bottle of two liters that has a broad opening. Add one and a half liter of 40% vodka and close it. Leave the bottle on the sun in the summer, or in a warm room in winter for 2 weeks. Shake well every day. The fifteenth day strain the bottle contents, and keep the tincture in a well closed, glass bottles at a cool and dry place. Shake before use.


Inside and out.

Rub calendula cream on the affected area, cover it with a towel that has been previously soaked in warm water, drained and soaked with the Swedish tincture. Leave the compression to work for 4-6 hours.

Swedish tincture is used for the following conditions:

Very strong headache, fainting, nausea, memory disruptions etc. Use a compress on the forehead and the nape.

Nerve weakness, depressive conditions, psychosis, epilepsy, craniocerebral trauma. Use a compression on the nape.

Inflammation of the temple bone that is right behind the ear lobe. Apply a compression on the painful area and use a tampon soaked in the tincture to apply in the ear. It is very efficient in hearing improvement after a trauma or for birth defects, pain and buzzing in the ears.

Heart diseases – use a tincture on the heart area.

External inflammation of the mouth mucus membrane with small wounds, dental neuralgia. Just rub on some tincture onto the mouth area.

Difficulties with swallowing – wash the mouth with the tincture dissolved with tea.

Stomach diseases and the gallbladder, colitis – use a compression

Hepatitis, intestinal parasitosis – compression on the abdominal area.

Hemorrhoids, fistulas in the area of the anus, cancer, burns, ulcers, hernia scars, wounds, bites, rheumatic pains etc.

Internal consumption:

Use 1 teaspoon of the tincture and drink it with half a cup of water or tea.