Hormone Balance Is The Key To Health And Beauty! Try These Tips!

Many people aren’t aware that their lifestyle and diet can be the reason for some hormonal problems, involving the skin like acne, for example.

Hormone Balance Is The Key To Health And Beauty! Try These Tips!

Hormones affect the skin

Did you know the most common reason for acne appearance? It is a hormonal imbalance of the endocrine hormones, most frequently happening during women’s ovulation and just before the monthly cycle starts. This is actually pretty normal, since this is the period when both the estrogen and the testosterone are at their highest levels. For woman that have optimal functioning of the endocrine systems, these two won’t present a problem, but for women that have a bit compromised endocrine system, these hormones can pile up with time and the body cannot eliminate them, as it regularly would. Estrogen can become dominant and cause inflammation of the skin, redness and acne or make you more likely to lose hair or grow out some new, because the follicles are affected by testosterone.

The skin is the biggest body organ and it is also quite important one since it is highly involved in the process of elimination, working together with the liver, the lymphatic system and the large intestine. Everything we consume needs to be processed in details and eliminated to enable proper working environment for the body. You can use pills or creams to treat acne, but this won’t solve the problem – changing the diet and the lifestyle will!

Here are some tips for hormonal acne elimination:

  • Avoid lactose and gluten

These two will make things worse because they are acidic and therefore – inflammatory foods that will inflame the intestines.

  • Avoid soybeans

These are present in almost every product, so read the label carefully.

  • Avoid peanuts

Those that are allergic to peanuts may develop a reaction like skin swelling and rashes.

  • Avoid canola, vegetable and sunflower oil

All of these are full of omega-6 fatty acids, and what you need is omega-3 fatty acids!

  • Avoid caffeine and black tea

All products that have a high caffeine content can deprive the organism of important nutrients and affect the skin’s immune response.

This remedy will restore the endocrine system balance:

What you’ll need:

  • Half a cup of each coconut water and cilantro
  • Half a green apple, lemon and cucumber (each)
  • Two celery sticks
  • Four romaine lettuce leaves
  • Four strawberries

How to prepare it:

Simply blend all of the ingredients in a blender and have half a cup of the remedy after you wake up, before you have breakfast. Do this for 30 days. This will help you restore the beneficial bacteria in the body, like for example the probiotics, because these are important for regulation of the hormones. You can take a probiotic supplement daily, just to ensure that you have enough “good” bacteria in your body – to keep you healthy and beautiful!