Beauty Tips and Care You Should Know?

Some awesome Beauty Tips and Care You Should Know (facials,creams,etc)

Beauty Tips and Care You Should Know?

Olive oil for hair (and nails)

One or two table spoons from roots to tips (avoid roots if you have really oily hair) let it work for about half an hour and shampoo. Put a magic bag on your head to warm up the oil.As weird as it may seem, it really works for oily skin and costs a lot less (you really don’t need a lot).


Baby powder

To absorb the oil in not so clean hair. Put it on the roots with a powder brush and comb it through. You can also put some in your socks and will feel like walking on a cloud

baby powder


If you don’t happen to have baby powder lying around, you can also use plain old cornstarch to absorb oil from hair! A great quick fix, especially in the summer time.



The best sunscreens are physical sunscreens, which contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide, with zinc being the best of the two. They are really the only chemicals that truly block both UVA and UVB rays. Remember, sun damage is the #1 cause of aging skin (smoking being #2).



Washing your hair less is good for most people. Only wash the scalp and only apply conditioner below the roots.

washing hair

Diluted Vinegar

Rinsing your hair with diluted vinegar ~once a week is great for it, it will remove hard-water build up, soothe itchy scalp, help prevent/treat dandruff, and will close the cuticle of the hair making it smoother and shinier. Use ~1 tablespoon vinegar (apple cider or white, doesn’t matter) in 1 cup of water and pour over all of your hair



Heat is bad for your skin and hair. Save that blow drier and straightener for special occasions! Stop blowdrying, straightening, using any heat products. Stop bleaching/dying it. Condition it everyday, try to brush/comb it as little as possible. Combing your hair with your fingers whilst you’re conditioning in the shower makes your hair smooth/tangle free almost all day.


Vitamin C

Topical vitamin C is amazing for your skin. It clears up acne, prevents wrinkles, helps reverse some sun damage, and just makes your skin glow. However, vitamin C is very unstable and buying products containing vitamin C is a bit of a roulette, as many of them don’t contain enough to do anything, and many others are old and the vitamin C has oxidized so it will in fact damage your skin. Solution: make your own vitamin C cream. Take your favorite water-based moisturizer (“water” should be the first ingredient and there should be no oils in the ingredients) and buy vitamin C powder at a health food store. In an opaque or amber container, put in 1000 – 1500mcg (generally one scoop) of vitamin C powder. Add a few drops of filtered or distilled water to dissolve it. Then add 2 tablespoons of moisturizer and mix it up. Voila, ~10% vitamin C cream. Keep your powder in the fridge and make new cream every 2 weeks. If it turns yellow at all, throw it out early.

vitamin C


Don’t keep your razor in the shower. Even just keeping it on the edge of the bath outside the shower curtain will extend it’s life by weeks, if not months.



Exfoliating Scrubs

Do you buy expensive exfoliating scrubs at the drugstore? Stop! Mix up some sugar (brown or white) with your favorite oil, and add a squirt of lemon juice. After washing your face, rub the sugar/oil mix on gently and rinse it off. This is a very intense exfoliant, so don’t use it more than once a week. Can only be used on the entire body.Also you can try coffee grounds + olive oil + a bit of honey as an exfoliating scrub


Get hormonal acne at the same time every month? Whether it’s around ovulation or before/during your period, aleve can help. Keep track of when it comes, and ~5 days beforehand take 1 aleve a day until ~3 days after it would have come. Then stop. This also can work well for those deep, painful pimples that just won’t go away.