Things Your Lips Tell You About Your Health

Healthy lips are often pink, soft and nice. When their look changes, it is often a sign of health issues.

Things Your Lips Tell You About Your Health
  • Dry and cracked lips

If your lips are cracked, it usually means that you were exposed to wind, sun or dry air so da you lick the lips too frequently. However, it can still be a matter of dehydration. Very dry lips area a first sign that your body needs more liquids, and the easiest solution to the problem is to regularly drink water.

  • Cracked lips and dry lip corners

The lip corners can also be cracked but if this occurrence is accompanied with inflammation that does not disappear after two or three days, it is probably a yeast infection. Visit a doctors that will give you a prescription for treatment of yeast infections. Avoid any irritation or licking the area.

  • Blue lips

Lips of blue color often point to a health problem called cyanosis. This is a condition where the skin and the mucus can be blue due to lack of oxygen in the blood and tissues.

  • Pale lips

Paleness is one of the first anemia signs. If your lips were of normal pink color and you notice that as time goes they become more pale, it means that it is time to visit a doctor and do a blood test because you are most likely lacking some iron.

  • Swollen lips

If you have had some hit in the area, or for example had a longer visit to the dentist, the lips can be swollen as a result. However, if there was no hit or similar physical trauma, and your lips are swollen, the most probable cause for this is an allergic reaction. Whatever you came in touch with, or have consumed can be a cause of an allergic reaction and therefore it is necessary to check the reason for the swelling. If you also feel the tongue is swollen and you throat is itchy, ask for a doctor’s help immediately.