Okra Vegetable Plant – Lady’s Finger

Introduction of Okra (Lady’s finger):- Okra is a vegetable crop which can be predominantly grown in tropics and subtropics. Okra was originated in tropical and subtropical Africa. In Asia, the crop is cultivated for its young tender vegetables, used in curry and soups after cooking. Okra is also popularly known as “Lady’s finger”. In India, this vegetable as called as “Bhendi” or “Bihindi”.Okra is good source of nutritional values and health benefits. The stem of the plant is used for the extraction of the fiber. is very profitable and can be cultivated throughout the year. Okra belongs to the family of “Malvaceae” and genus of “Abelmoschus”. This vegetable has sticky texture and tastes good especially when made them fried.

Okra Vegetable Plant – Lady’s Finger

okra-ladys finger2

Health Benefits and Uses of Okra:- The health benefits and uses of Okra include the following.

  • Okra is a source of high fiber content.
  • Okra is a good source of folate content.
  • Okra is a source of vitamin ‘A’,’B’, ‘K’ & ‘C’.
  • Okra is an excellent source of iodine and is useful for the treatment of goiter.
  • Okra is a good source of hair and skin.
  • Okra may prevent diabetes.
  • Okra may prevent colon cancer.
  • Okra may control cholesterol Level.
  • Okra may prevent skin pigmentation.
  • Okra may control asthma.
  • Okra may prevent constipation.
  • Okra may prevent sunstroke.
  • Okra may control obesity and help in weight loss.
  • Okra may prevent constipation.
  • Okra may help in improving eyesight and immune power.
  • Dried fruit contain 12 to 22% edible oil and 20 to 25% protein and is used for refined edible oil. Dry fruit skin and fibers are used in manufacture of paper, cardboard and fibers.

Major Okra Production Countries:-  India is the largest producer of okra in Asia as well as in the world. It is also used as a vegetable in Brazil, West Africa and many other countries in Asia. In India, major okra/ lady’s finger growing states are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal.