People Flies and People Bees

Experience has taught me that there are two groups of people. Third one does not exists. First one, they resemble flies. A main feature of the fly is ending up on the dirt. Simply, fly and dirt are attracted. For example, in a garden full of fragrant flowers, the fly will not notice any, but will stand where there is something rotten, where something bad smells. And quite naturally and convenient it feels among stink, and if it knew to speak and answer if you ask it why did not stop on a Rose, she would have told you – I do not know what Rose look like. I know just where there is garbage, stench, rot.

People Flies and People Bees

Yes, the old man said – indeed there are people who resemble flies. By accepting and rejecting good think negative in life see only cons.

And the others, the second group, they are the ones resemble bees and whose main feature is a search for something sweet and pleasant which would have landed. When the bee could be found in a room full of trash and candy piece into a corner, it would fly over any dirt to land just on a candy. And when asked by a bee would tell you where is the dirt, she would have told you:

I do not know. I know just where to find flowers, malt, honey. She, continued the old man – recognizes only the good things in life and represents second group of people, those similar to it. When someone comes to me blaming someone else, I usually have them pointing this example. And I say to ponder and decide which group he ranks to easily join his swarm.

Elder Paisius