Plant Lovers Only: Would You Like To Have Strong And Beautiful House Plants? Check Out This Useful Tips!

Follow these tips by an experienced florist. These useful suggestions will help you to raise real flower garden right next to your windows. The secret of rich garden is simple: you need to keep the plants filled with nutrients all the time, in order for them to flourish.

Plant Lovers Only: Would You Like To Have Strong And Beautiful House Plants? Check Out This Useful Tips!
  • How to prepare solution to feed the plants the right way:

Practically, all plants love sugar (absolute favorite to cactus). Before you water the plant you can add one teaspoon of brown sugar to the flowerpot, or you can water the plant with sweet water (one teaspoon of sugar per one glass of water).

Ficus trees can be watered with sweet water once per month. Take one teaspoon of brown sugar per one liter of water. The ficus tree leafs can be wiped with milk. This will make it shinier and prettier.
Milk is very useful for plants. Some housewives inject milk with a syringe directly into the stem of the plant.

  • Castor oil acts as a great fertilizer

In one liter of water add one teaspoon of castor oil. Tightly close the bottle and mix it well. Castor oil needs to be dissolved and make a good mixture with the water, so that it wouldn’t burn the roots of the plans. Water the plant right after mixing (shaking), before it divides from the water.

If the plant flourishes once per year, one treatment like this one would be sufficient. If the plant is constantly flourishing, than you need to feed it once per month.

  • There is one miraculous solution for the most hopeless flowers

All you need for this solution is water and egg shells. Cover the egg shells with water, and leave them for 5-7 days on room temperature. Stir from time to time. After that, water the plant with it.

  • Immunity of houseplants is boosted by spraying the plant with aspirin and water

One tablet of aspirin of 300 mg needs to be dissolved in one liter of water. Pour the mixture in spray bottle and spray the plants.

  • Houseplants can be watered with the following solution:

Take one orange peel or any citrus fruit and cover it with water. Leave it overnight. That’s all! The nutritive solution for watering plants is ready.

If you have noticed that your house plants start to wither from unknown reasons – the cause can be small insects that are hard to see with a naked eye.

In this case, you can do this trick: all you’ll need are only a few regular matches. Simply, stab them with their heads in the soil, an inch from the flowerpot margins and water the plant. After two days, replace the matches with new ones, and after another 2 days, the bugs will disappear.


From now one you don’t have to use pesticides for houseplants. Phosphorus and the other compounds in the match heads, penetrate the soil and nicely eliminate unwanted guests.

To prevent fungus development use copper coins. Put a few coins in the soil around the plant and the copper will destroy all of the external fungus.