10 Tips To Prevent and Reverse Alzheimer’s!

Dementia is a term that has been used in describing similar brain damaging conditions that cause memory loss, issues with problem-solving capacity, language, concentration and thinking.

10 Tips To Prevent and Reverse Alzheimer’s!

Alzheimer’s disease is what causes dementia most of the time. Parkinson’s, head trauma, vitamin deficiency, depression can be among the other causes.

Symptoms can gradually worsen if the basic cause cannot be treated, and that is when the disease becomes progressive. However, in some cases dementia is treatable and can be reversed when the causes are medications, depression, vitamin deficiency or thyroid gland problems.

In case you experience any symptoms of dementia, you have to go to your doctor immediately to discover and further treat the root reason/cause.

  • Be Careful With Risk Factors!

Today’s lifestyle includes many factors that can influence dementia development. Some of those risk factors are not modifiable, but fortunately – some indeed are. We provide you with ten simple tips to prevent dementia and help you regarding these modifiable factors.

  1. Minimize the use of anticholinergic drugs
    Parasympathetic nerve impulses are inhibited by these drugs and those parts are one of the two most important parts of the nervous system. This system is responsible for the condition of the body when it rests, and involuntary movement of the organs in the body.
    Regular consumption of most of the prescribed drugs in the category of sleep and allergy medications, heart meds and antidepressants increases the risk of dementia. Currently, doctors are trying to inform patients about this fact.
  2. Fish oil
    Fish oil contains one of the most important fats called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and research has discovered that there is a strong correlation between low DHA levels and higher congnitive impairments. Consumption of fish oil is very important way to stop progression of symptoms of this disease. You need to talk to your doctor for the right dosage.
  3. Vitamin D
    Studies have shown that there is a connection between vitamin D insufficiency and dementia symptoms. Besides healthy sun exposure, doctors recommend consuming vitamin D supplements.
  4. B complex vitamin
    Most of the B vitamins help in reduction of something called homocystein which increases the stroke risks, heart diseases and similar vascular problems.
  5. Do crosswors, puzzles or learn a new language to constantly challenge your brain
    A recent research discovered that bilingual people get five more years regarding dementia symptoms. Similar study showed that frequent puzzle solving can delay memory loss by two and a half years.
  6. Regular physical activity
    Regular exercising can be a powerful measure of maintaining overall health. Every day should be complemented with a physical activity of at least half an hour, whether that be biking, walking or something else.
  7. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumptionSmoking and alcohol overuse are important risk factors. Smokers have almost 50% higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Consumers of moderate amount of alcohol are at the lowest risk of developing this disease. People that don’t consume alcohol have a bit higher risk, and those that consume too much alcohol are at the highest risk.
  8. Protect against head injuries for your whole lifeIt is important to know that head injuries increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. For this purpose, be careful when exercising sport activities like rollerblading, biking, skiing and always wear a helmet.
  9.  Try to maintain normal blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and weightIt is important to control all of these, since they increase the risks of many more dangerous diseases, besides dementia.
  10. Stay connected socially and interact with others regularlySocialization on regular basis protects us from the negative effects of isolation and loneliness. When combined with physical activity – you receive more benefits.

Extra tip:

As for everything else, healthy diet is important for prevention of dementia as well. Make sure you consume lots of fish, seeds, leafy green veggies and nuts.