Proper Way of Eating Garlic For Maximum Healing Effect

We all know of healthy benefits of eating garlic but do we know how to properly consume it in order to achieve maximum healing effect?

Proper Way of Eating Garlic For Maximum Healing Effect

Garlic is a regular guest at our menus, and the plant which we happy turn to when we have a cold or the flu. Known as a natural antibiotic, its truly healing properties are confirmed by experts. The garlic contains nearly one hundred active chemical compounds, including several antioxidants that reduce the overload of the body’s cells.

It is not yet clear how all the components of garlic act in the body, but garlic does act as an antibiotic agent, unplugging the respiratory tract, has anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties, prevents fungi and certain viruses.
Garlic owes its medicinal properties due to powerful organosulfur compound named
Allicin which this plant is using in nature to defends against attacks by bacteria and fungi. To make the best use of the beneficial effects of garlic, it should be consumed frequently and correctly.

Here is how you should eat garlic:

  • Before consumption it is required to crush the cloves in order to encourage the enzymatic reaction in which allicin is formed.
  • Every day you should eat at least three cloves of garlic.
  • It is best consumed in its raw state.
  • If you need thermal processing it, don’t do it more than 10 minutes.

Many people avoid eating garlic because of its strong smell afterwards.That is the result of containing sulfur which give it medicinal properties. The problem of bad breath after eating garlic can solve chewing parsley leaves, coffee beans and fennel