Simple and Easy to Prepare: Treat Hepatitis, Kidneys, Stomach, Liver and Cancer with Dandelion

You already know about dandelion, but you probably don’t know about all of its health properties. It has a wide range of good sides, such as lowering cholesterol, detoxification of the liver, against allergies, and much more.

Simple and Easy to Prepare: Treat Hepatitis, Kidneys, Stomach, Liver and Cancer with Dandelion

You can use dandelion for salads, making honey or even tea. The flowers of this plant can be used for syrup making and it will relieve you from a cough, purify blood and improve digestion.  Leaves can be used for diets since they are full of vitamins. The stem is full of healthy ingredients and it can be used for a variety of medical problems, like stomach issues, metabolism problems, and diabetes.

Dandelion Root

This part of the dandelion is very useful when it comes to kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and lymph, so you can treat constipation, hepatitis, tumor, cancer, acne, and rheumatism with it.

You need to peel and cut roots and then leave them to dry on a fresh air for about two weeks. You know they are done when they are crisp on touch. Then you need to put them in a jar and put them somewhere cool and dark.

Dandelion Tea

You can make this tea from leaves. You just need to chop them, mince and mix. You will need about half a teaspoon of the mixture to make a tea. Just put it in a glass of water and that is it.

You can also mix 60 grams of this mixture with 30 grams of dried dandelion roots and add about 2.5 ounces of water with a pinch of salt. Then leave it to boil and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain in and drink 3 glasses per day.

Dandelion Syrup

You will need:

  • 400 yellow dandelion flowers
  • 4 sliced lemons
  • 3 liters of water
  • 2 cups of sugar

Put all of the ingredients (just leave out the sugar) in a pot and leave them for 24 hours. After that, put sugar in it and cook for half an hour.

The mixture should become thick and syrupy, and once that happens, store this mixture in jars. Use this syrup whenever you have a cold or a cough.