Kill All Cockroaches in Your Home in a Natural Way, Without Chemicals

Cockroaches are really annoying and disgusting things, and people don’t like them for a reason. They can carry diseases and that is the main reason why you should eliminate them. They can be found everywhere and they are omnivores.

Kill All Cockroaches in Your Home in a Natural Way, Without Chemicals

These disgusting insects leave traces where they pass by, so they can find the source of food and water. With this simple recipe, you can get rid of them for good. It will take about a month, but they won’t come back.

You will need:

  • Raw Egg Yolk
  • 30-50 grams of Boric Acid Powder (or borax or boric powder acid)
  • You also need some latex gloves


First, you need to mix egg yolk with boric acid powder and mix it well. Put the gloves on and then make small balls from the mixture. Each one needs to be about 1 cm in diameter. When the balls are dry, you can use them.

How to Use

Remember to put away all of the food, so cockroaches don’t have an access to it. Clean your home from any kind of food.


Also, make sure there is no water standing, and make sure all of your pipes have proper insulation. Put these balls in the places where insects are moving. Try to remember where you found them hiding and put borax balls there.


You will probably find them about 5 feet of these sources. Put the balls near the cracks, around walls, and furniture. You will be cockroaches-free in a no time.