Stop Paying Those Expensive Pills – DIY Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Multiple sclerosis is a severe disease that can cause physical, mental or even psychiatric problems. There isn’t a known cure for multiple sclerosis, but there are some therapies that can be helpful. In some countries, these therapies are hard to get, but you can make medications by yourself.

Stop Paying Those Expensive Pills – DIY Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Therapy for multiple sclerosis can cost up to $36.000 per year, and this day treatment costs only $300. But be careful, this is not an advice from a medical expert, this medication worked on certain people and there is a chance that it won’t work for some people. You will take the full responsibility.

Dimethyl fumarate is the only active ingredient in about all of the pills for MS, and that chemical can be obtained easily. You can make a homemade Tecfidera analogue and take it instead of those expensive bought pills. You will need to produce a homemade analogue of the medication and fill gastro-resistant capsules, size 1. You can add other ingredients such as talcum, crystalline cellulose and other, but they aren’t mandatory.

You will need:

  • 97% Lab grade Dimethyl Fumarate
  • Empty gastro-resistant gelatin capsules
  • Capsule filler
  • Gloves, protective face mask

Once you gather all the ingredients and find protective gear, you can start.

Put protective plastic foil on your table and also put on gloves just to avoid all the irritation. You can also use surgeon mask (in case you sneeze or something). Keep in mind that DMF is not toxic, but it can irritate your skin. So, if that happens, you just need to wash it with water. Irritation will disappear in half an hour.

Use capsule filler to fill size one capsules (you can do it manually with a piece of paper, but it will take more time). Don’t push it inside, just fill the capsules gently. When full, close shorter capsule part and slightly push. The capsule is closed when you feel a click. That means your medication is sealed and ready for you to use it. You can make as much as you want, but the batch of 100 will last 50 days.

Clean the table and throw out the gloves. As for the pills goes, you can put them in a dark place, and keep them away from heat. They have an infinite shelf life.

One dosage should be ~250mg/pill (One full capsule size 1). The effects of this treatment are lowering your lymphocyte counts and prevention of oxidative nerve damage. This treatment is only for Relapsing-Remiting MS (RRMS), so don’t use it for other types.

As for the dosage goes, it is a 250mg pill, two times a day, after meals. There are no interactions with food or drinks. Also, don’t try to combine it with any other immunosuppressant drugs, because your immunity is at stake.

Of course, during this treatment you should control your blood counts, kidney and liver function about once a month. If your lymphocyte count goes below 0.5 billion/liter, you should reduce the dosage or even discontinue treatment. But chances for that are low.

Side effects are gastric issues (first month of treatment), some skin flushing after taking this medication. And that is that. Good stuff, right?

Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.. It worked for this person but we can’t tell by any chance is it going to work for you as well.